Chinese ‘Birth Tourism’ Ring Busted In Los Angeles [VIDEO]


Derek Hunter Contributor
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With Congress giving tacit approval of President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty by passing a “clean” funding bill for the Department of Homeland Security, news broke on another front of the nation’s broken immigration laws – anchor babies.

Unlike every other nation in the Western world, children born in the United States are automatically granted citizenship, even if the parents are in the country illegally, on vacation or students. However it happens, if someone is born here they are issued a Social Security number, can obtain a passport and will forever be an American citizen.

This loophole, created by an interpretation of the 14th Amendment which was passed to ensure citizenship rights were not denied to former slaves, has been exploited for decades by illegal aliens to gain access to the United States. A child who is born a citizen can’t be kept out of the country, and once they turn 21 “they can apply for their parents to become legal residents” as well. Through the Family Reunification Act, they can import more family members, but it is all based on the one child being born a citizen, hence the “anchor” for the rest of the family to gain entry.

While often thought of as an issue of Latin American illegal aliens, federal officials recently raided a “maternity tourism” ring in Los Angeles based in China.

Agents raided 20 locations throughout California where wealthy Chinese women paid upwards of $50,000 for help with fraudulent visas and a place to stay, so-called “maternity hotels,” during their pregnancy. Women were advised to wear loose fitting clothes and how to lie to customs agents.

No arrests were made, “but authorities said Homeland Security and Internal Revenue Service investigators would be seizing possible evidence and interviewing the mothers for potential criminal charges against scheme operators.”

The Los Angeles Times reports, “More than 400 women associated with the Irvine location have given birth at one Orange County hospital since 2013, agents wrote in the affidavit.”

As for who paid the medical bills for these “maternity tourists” and their newborn American children, “One of the women paid $4,080 out of $28,845 in hospital bills when her bank account showed charges at Wynn Las Vegas and purchases made at Rolex and Louis Vuitton stores, the affidavit said.”