Did The Defense Department Lie To A Journalist To Avoid Releasing Emails?

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Months before The New York Times reported that Hillary Clinton used a private email address for government business, the Defense Department revealed to a journalist late last year that former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel did not have an official email account.

Here’s a tweet from VICE News’ Jason Leopold on Nov. 30, 2014:

Leopold later posted the full email denying his Freedom of Information Act request, which indeed stated that “the Secretary of Defense does not maintain an official e-mail account.”

It’d be bad enough if it were the case that two Obama cabinet secretaries somehow managed not to have official email accounts for their entire tenure. But complicating matters was a tweet from Bloomberg’s Josh Rogin indicating that Hagel DID have an official email account.

NBC News’ Perry Bacon reported the same:

Needless to say, Leopold was outraged.

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