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Gay Rights Activist Fakes Own Kidnapping

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I know that when somebody fakes a hate crime involving rape, we’re not supposed to talk about the details because rape still exists. If you think phony rape accusations are bad, you’re a “rape denier.” (See the Duke lacrosse team, UVA, Lena Dunham, etc.) Presumably, that standard also applies to fake kidnappings, especially when the hoaxer is a member of a designated victim group. By posting this, I’m probably a “kidnapping denier.”

So be it. Last night, a gay rights activist named Adam Hoover posted this:


The link went to a Facebook post that has now been deleted. As you can see, over 1,000 people spread the word. #FindAdamHoover, they pleaded.

Well, they found him. WLWT in Cincinatti:

A local gay rights activist is now charged with a misdemeanor after he said he was kidnapped and put into the trunk of his car.

20-year-old Adam Hoover posted on Facebook, saying he was forced into the trunk of his car in a Green Township parking lot. Hoover wrote that he was afraid of being heard talking on his cell phone, so he was using social media to get the word out about what was happening to him.

After questioning Hoover, Green Township police and the Hamilton County sheriff’s office have determined the kidnapping never took place. They have now charged Hoover with misdemeanor making false alarms.

He was probably trying to raise awareness of homophobic kidnappings.

Don’t worry, though. Adam won’t be judged too harshly, because he holds the correct political opinions:


All is forgiven, Adam.

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