Mark Levin: Netanyahu Is ‘A Warrior,’ Obama Is ‘An Ideologue And Appeaser’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Appearing on Fox News’ “Hannity” Tuesday, talk show host Mark Levin tore into “appeaser” President Barack Obama, comparing him unfavorably to “warrior” and “leader” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. (VIDEO: Mark Levin: Obama Administration Have ‘Blood On Their Hands’ In Middle East)

HOST SEAN HANNITY: Why is there hostility towards Israel, and yet the president cannot even say the words radical Islam?

LEVIN: Because Netanyahu is a warrior, he’s a combat veteran, he is a leader who takes his commander-in-chief responsibilities seriously, and he knows if he and his country make a mistake, it’s over. Barack Obama is a community activist, he’s a rabble-rouser, he’s an ideologue and appeaser. That’s the difference.

So what Obama wants is a like-minded leftist in Israel– and they’re there– to work with, to accommodate his agenda. Now, I would be very careful about his agenda, if I were the leftist in Israel, since there’s been more genocide, more rape, more enslavement under this president than any president in modern history.

You know, I think back to Reagan. Reagan was the liberator. He liberated hundreds of millions of people under the Soviet Union. This president is the imprisonment president. Society after society is collapsing, and he’s making nice with Iran, which is an Islamic terrorist regime. No question about it.

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