‘Morning Joe’: Hillary’s Personal Email Use At State Dept. ‘Ridiculous’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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“Morning Joe” hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski called Hillary Clinton’s decision to use a personal email account to conduct State Department business as secretary “staggering” and “ridiculous.”

The revelation came out after Clinton released 55,000 pages of email which were picked and chosen from a personal account rather than all being taken from a government account.

“How does she serve as secretary of state for all those years and nobody notices her emails aren’t coming from a government address?” Brzezinski asked. “HRC@hotmail.com, I mean, what is going on?!”

“They decide what they’re going to release?” Scarborough asked. “‘Oh yeah, well we’ve released 55,000 emails.'”

“No. No, you don’t,” Mika said. “All of their emails have to go public.”

“Everything. Every single email. She made the choice. This is staggering, and this is what happens every time she starts to run. It brings up memories of eight years that people look back and have glossed over a lot of things,” Scarborough said. “But every day in Washington, D.C. when the Clintons were there there was another example how they just didn’t play by the same rules as everyone else in Washington, D.C.”

“They know no boundaries,” he added. “This is shocking.”

“I think it is. I think it’s going one step beyond biting the hand that feeds you,” he added. “Just absolutely giving it the you-know-what. It’s ridiculous.”