Obama Dismisses Netanyahu’s Speech As ‘Nothing New’ [VIDEO]

Heather Hunter Contributor
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President Barack Obama responded to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plea Tuesday to a joint session of Congress to not allow “bad deal” with Iran and  summed it up as “nothing new.”

“I did have a chance to take a look at the transcript and as far as I can tell, there was nothing new,” the president told reporters at the White House.

While the president insisted that he agreed that Iran was a dangerous regime and continued to engage in activities contrary to the interest of the United States, he maintained that Netanyahu’s speech didn’t offer any “viable alternatives” to the nuclear negotiations with Iran.

The White House was doubtful on Monday about whether Obama would make time to watch the entire speech.

“I haven’t looked at the president’s schedule for tomorrow. I doubt that he will spend his whole time watching the speech,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said during Monday’s White House press briefing.