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Rabbi Shmuley Needs New Glasses

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Rabbi Shmuley Boteach may be suffering some sort of eye condition. That, or he truly doesn’t know the difference between silken white-haired Newt Gingrich and perpetually suntanned Speaker John Boehner.

Gingrich, in case you’ve been in a coma, is no longer House Speaker.

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Shmuley makes humility a part of everything he does. In any release or bio that goes out, he likes to note that TIME and WaPo call him the “most famous rabbi in America.”

And he really, really loves himself. Check out his website, where he shows up in each and every picture. Oh, there he is with Sean Penn. And there he is with Elie Wiesel. And oh, there is again, this time dwarfed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Please, friends, urge the famous rabbi in the country to go to the eye doctor for a new prescription.