Hillary-World Requests Jeb Bush’s Private Emails

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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The pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC American Bridge sent a letter Tuesday to the Florida Department of State requesting Republican Jeb Bush’s private emails.

American Bridge president Brad Woodhouse requested “Unreleased Email Correspondence Between the Jeb@Jeb.Org Account And Employees of the State of Florida” during Bush’s 1999-2007 governorship. Bush has not released all of his private emails from this period.

Woodhouse wrote the letter a day after The New York Times reported on Hillary Clinton’s potentially illegal exclusive use of the private email address HDR22@Clintonemail.com during her tenure as secretary of state.

“It is clear from media reports that then-Governor John Ellis Bush’s personal accounts contain emails where they conduct official government business, thereby constituting it as a public record,” Woodhouse wrote.

“I also fully recognize that access to these email accounts may need to be acquired from Governor Bush. As former government employees subject to the Florida law, we believe they are obligated to provide you with such access, or that you must otherwise obtain it from their email service provider. We ask that you pursue recovering any deleted emails from the subject’s email provider,” Woodhouse continued.

“I also request that you state the specific legal and factual grounds for withholding any documents or portions of documents, should you withhold any. Please identify each document that falls within the scope of this request but is withheld from release,” Woodhouse wrote.

“To help assess my status for copying and mailing fees, please note that I am gathering information for research purposes and not for commercial activities.”

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