Chris Wallace GRILLS Fmr Clinton Lawyer: ‘Do You Really Believe She Did Nothing Wrong?’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace grilled former Clinton lawyer Lanny Davis about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email as secretary of state.

Davis, a staunch defender of the Clintons for nearly 20 years, tried to deflect Clinton’s email practices to other issues, such as former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s email practices.

“Do you really believe she did nothing wrong?” Wallace asked.

“I do,” Davis said.

Wallace also attacked Davis’ attempt to shift the conversation to Bush’s emails while governor of the Sunshine State, along with Clinton’s perceived “unprecedented move” of supposedly volunteering her emails.

“I’ve heard you play this Jeb Bush game before,” Wallace told Davis, who made a similar argument to MSNBC’s Tamron Hall last week. “It’s like the Republicans during Watergate saying, ‘Well, Lyndon Johnson wiretapped people, too.’ It’s completely irrelevant, and please, let’s not play that game.”

“Alright,” Davis responded. “Well, lets not interrupt me and let me explain what Jeb Bush did –”

“I’m not asking about Jeb Bush!” Wallace shot back. “I’m asking why it was that Hillary Clinton in 2011 told all State Department officials to use government emails, and she continued to refuse to do it.”

Wallace was referring to a memo Clinton sent out in 2011 instructing officials to “avoid conducting official department business from your personal email accounts.”

He also mentioned Clinton’s 2007 questioning of “secret White House accounts” in a speech, a perceived double-standard.

“She has now done the unprecedented…no secretary of state has ever volunteered to turn over all of those emails,” Davis said.

“She didn’t volunteer!” Wallace said. “She had to negotiate for four months with the State Department lawyers, lawyer to lawyer, before she turned them over from August of last year ’til December. Why was it so outrageous for the Bush White House to use private emails but for her it’s okay?”

“She’s the only secretary to openly ask the public to look at all those emails and wants them published right now,” Davis replied.

However, as the latest potential Clinton scandal moves on, Wallace asked Davis if he ever gets sick of helping the Clintons in times of turmoil.

“Do you ever get tired of cleaning up after the Clintons?” Wallace asked.

Davis objected to Wallace’s terminology, telling the host he is “proud” to have aided the Clintons during their time in the White House.

“This is another bogus ‘scandal,'” Davis added.