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Ana Marie Cox Goes On Breitbart Radio, Her Fans Are Not Pleased

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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On Sunday afternoon, the unthinkable happened: Guardian columnist Ana Marie Cox, a lefty journo and newfound believer in Christ, announced that she was going on Breitbart Radio.

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Wait…did hell freeze over?

Well, something like that. Ever since she came out of the proverbial closet as a Christian last week in The Daily Beast, members of the right-and left-leaning media alike have been pounding down her door for interviews. But it’s the conservative media that has never particularly cared what she thought about anything.

Needless to say, her fan club was not thrilled.

“Condolences,” remarked Fred Mertz.

Corey Randolph reacted with punctuation: “?”

Christopher Dwyer wondered, “Are you meeting them in a public place?”

Richard Kruger laughed. “Hahaha. What?”

On an on, her followers expressed grave concern.

“Godspeed,” sympathized Gregory Pesky.

“You should have a safe word,” warned Jose, alluding to Fifty Shades of Grey and bondage.

A question: Was Cox innocently announcing a press hit or riling up the the liberal masses?

Todd Bishop observed, “Sounds like a perfect storm of suck.”

And John: “You’ll be fine as long as they don’t bring up that piece you wrote or that thing you said.”

At least one woman felt Cox owed her for forcing her listening to Breitbart Radio: “I’ll be listening, but you owe me some SERIOUS cat photos for this.”

Carey Moore thought of diseases she might contract, you know, from those dirty right-wingers. “Disinfect afterward,” he said. This was seconded by Sam Pennington, who added, “Wash your hands, afterward.”

Jerold Duquette acted like she was in a horror film at the part where she walks into the house and monsters with chainsaws surely await her.

“Don’t do it!” he said.