Apple Watch Is Coming In April, And Can Cost More Than $10K

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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Apple unveiled the final details of Apple Watch at the company’s live event Monday, including shipping and pricing for the company’s first new product since the passing of founder and CEO Steve Jobs.

Apple CEO Tim Cook showed off some of the basic Apple Watch features, including answering calls on the wrist James Bond-style, responding to texts, playing music and monitoring heartbeat and physical activity.

“You can also, with the built-in speaker and microphone, you can receive calls on your watch! I have been wanting to do this since I was five years old,” Cook told the crowd at Apple’s “Spring Forward” event Monday.

Users will be able to interact with Siri on Apple Watch and receive all of the notifications available on their iPhones right on their wrists, including sports scores, flight delays, tweets and more.

Apple vice president of technology Kevin Lynch live-demonstrated the ease of using Apple Watch via voice command through Siri by scheduling events, taking calls and responding to messages on stage.

Lynch swiped Apple Watch over a credit card reader to demonstrate Apple Pay, over an airport terminal to check in hands free, and called an Uber with the Apple Watch Uber app, which includes a picture the and license plate of your incoming ride.

Lynch showed the crowd how Apple Watch can interface with smart home devices including cameras, lights and garage doors, which Lynch opened remotely at his home with a few taps on the wrist.

Apple’s new mobile update out today, iOS 8.2, includes a dedicated app exclusively for Apple Watch apps and instructions.

Apple Watch comes in three version, the first being Apple Watch Sport, which Apple revealed is made up of a new, 60-percent stronger aluminum and costs $350 and $400 for the small and larger-face versions.

The next step up Apple Watch is made of stainless steel that is 80-percent harder than standard materials, with finish options is standard and space black. Apple Watch also comes is 38 and 42 mm from $549 — $1049 depending on the band, with the larger face costing $50 more. Apple Watch will be available April 24.

The top tier Apple Watch Edition will come in 18-karat solid gold, starts at $10,000 and will be available on a limited basis. Apple will begin taking pre-orders on April 10 and will only sell the Edition in select locations.

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