‘This Is Never Going To End!’ Carville Invokes Benghazi, Whitewater To Defend Hillary [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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As Hillary Clinton’s email saga drags on into its second week, James Carville appeared on MSNBC Wednesday to defend her.

The Ragin’ Cajun even invoked Benghazi and Whitewater during the fiery segment. He also took aim at the media and “right-wing talking points.”

Carville, appearing on “Mitchell Reports,” remained defiant throughout, insisting that right-wingers and the media are obsessed with the Clintons. Carville also cited Benghazi and Whitewater as “cockamamie stuff” which always comes up with the Clintons.

The House special Benghazi committee, led by Rep. Trey Gowdy, revealed new information over the past week about Clinton’s multiple email accounts.

“It was legal. It wasn’t against regulations,” Carville went on. “Colin Powell and Jeb Bush did the same thing. But oh my God, do you remember Whitewater? Do you remember Foulgate? Do you remember Travelgate? Do you remember Pardongate? Do you remember Benghazi? All of this is just the same cockamamie stuff that we go through.”

“The Times gets something from some right-wing talking points, they print the story, they’ve got to walk the story back. The chin-scratchers go ‘oh my God,'” Carville told Mitchell. “The story’s not right, but it says something larger about the Clintons. This is never going to end. We’ve lived with this for 20 years. We’ll live with it for the rest of the campaign. It’s all about nothing.”

Mitchell pointed out that Democrats such as Dianne Feinstein have said that Clinton needs to speak out and address the issues surrounding her emails.

“Others have, in fact, made that point off camera,” Mitchell pushed back. “Democrats are saying to every political reporter in town that this should at least be addressed.”

The MSNBC host also corrected Carville, who claimed that Colin Powell was under the same rules and regulations at the State Department as Clinton.

“The point here,” Carville insisted, “there’s just not a lot here, just like there was nothing to all these previous scandals. And I am going to point this out continuously that the press, you know, which took right-wing talking points to start a war, continues to take these talking points, and they continue to have to clarify, and that’s just what we’re going to live with between 9, November 2016.”