College Test Prep Company Apologizes For Comparing Clarence Thomas To KKK

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Barron’s Educational Series, the maker of popular Advanced Placement study guides, has apologized for linking Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to fascism and comparing him to the KKK.

The Daily Caller reported Monday about the extreme comparison, found on page 168 of the 7th edition of Barron’s AP European History study guide.

“It has been brought to our attention that Barron’s AP European History, 7th Edition by Seth Roberts and James Eder contains erroneous information that casts aspersions on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas,” reads a statement released by the company on Tuesday.

“In an attempt to draw a comparison between current-day politics in the U.S. and the French National Assembly during the French Revolution, the diagram on page 168 equates Clarence Thomas with the KKK, while labeling him as a ‘reactionary and/or fascist.'”

Specifically, the study guide linked Thomas, who is black, to the racist KKK, stating that both “want things like they used to be.”


In its statement, the company apologized and called the comparison “an unintentional error.” (RELATED: Barron’s AP Test Prep Guide: Clarence Thomas Is A Fascist In League With The KKK)

“It was never our intention to malign Justice Thomas, nor to become embroiled in the right vs. left politics of the day,” the statement reads.

“By way of an explanation, in the course of formatting the book, the diagram was condensed to fit on a single page. In doing so, some information was dropped and other information was combined, which changed the original meaning of the diagram.”

Besides the outlandish comparison, the Barron’s guide contains other embarrassing errors.

The authors referred to the “sams culottes.” The actual term for the 18th century French lower classes is “sans culottes.”

The guide also referred to “Girendists.” The authors likely intended to refer to “Girondists” — a faction within the French Legislative Assembly.

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