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Quote of the Day:

“The idea that Senate Repubs would be lead around by a freshman of 62 days in office is amazeballs. Where is the ldrshp?”

— QGA’s Jim Manley, longtime former Senate aide.


“I’m uncomfortable that upset journalists are admitting to bias when covering media companies. This is getting ugly. I’m going to step away.” — Sarah Lacy, founder, Pando, referencing the demise of  Gigaom.



“I have a huge story about one of the biggest frauds in media prepped for tomorrow.”  — GotNewsCharles C. Johnson.

Howard Stern is a fan of WHO? 

“I heard today that @HowardStern is a fan of mine. I blushed all sorts of red.”– former Fox News producer Jillian Anderson, a contestant on this season’s ABC “The Bachelor.”

A day in the life of a reporter

“I want to sit in the sun and day drink.” — BuzzFeed staff writer Tracy Clayton.

NYT reporter sort of compliments David Corn

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 10.19.14 AM

On the media industry…

“The media industry is capricious, insensitive, uncaring, selfish, vacuous, arbitrary and hollow. We like to pretend it’s all about discussing powerful ideas and advancing humankind’s understanding of the world through storytelling, but most of the time that’s bullshit. Journalism is professional wrestling. The latter is spectacle masquerading as sport, the former is entertainment masquerading as news (or Jon Stewart DESTROYING things). And in both industries, backroom politics, wheeling and dealing, and obsequious networking (read: ass-kissing) can and often does determine the fate of careers.” — Matt Saccaro, Salon‘s asst. social media editor and former contributor to BuzzFeed. Read the full story here.

Kevin Spacey loves the f-bomb

“‘House of Cards’ star @KevinSpacey swears it’s true: ‘I drop the f-bomb like a noun.'” — NBC TODAY Show.

If you haven’t read this ridiculousness about BuzzFeed See here: “I Hate Myself Because I Don’t Work At BuzzFeed.”

TheBlaze‘ Amy Holmes snarks at Hillary Clinton 

“If only ‘Hillary!’ could get the *process* right, she wouldn’t have these pesky ethical problems.” — TheBlaze‘s Amy Holmes.

Greta not to excited about the Apple watch 

“Apple watch can do what I can do:make calls, monitor my exercise etc – why need it?” — FNC’s Greta Van Susteren.