RNC Selling A Lot Of Bush Merchandise

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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The Republican National Committee is selling a lot of merchandise in its store celebrating Jeb Bush’s family, but not the families of the other 2016 hopefuls.

Not that the RNC is picking sides already or anything. I mean, who even knows at this point who the nominee will be? It could be anyone. It’s not like a small number of influential donors determine everything in a mineral water-filled room somewhere in Greater Anaheim. No. Not at all.

The primary process allows many different candidates to have their voices heard — from Mike Huckabee to Ben Carson. Heck, maybe even YOU can run for president. You just never know. You might be checking your paper in a few months and see that Mr. Donegan the neighborhood milkman just won the Nevada caucuses!

In the meantime, the Republican National Committee is selling a lot of Bush stuff.

1. George H.W. Bush Socks

2. Vice President Dick Cheney Cowboy Hat

3. Official I Miss W. Coffee Mug

4. Reagan-Bush ’84 Vintage T-shirt

5. I Miss W. T-Shirt

6. George W. Bush 43 T-shirt

7. George H.W. Bush 41 T-shirt

8. “I Miss W.” Baseball Cap

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