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Afternoon Mirror: The Hillary Clinton Presser Edition

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“I’m guessing this isn’t going to put an end to the HRC email story. Just a guess.”

NYT‘s Adam Nagourney.

Shushing reporters

“Reporters at the Hillary thing have shushed each other like 4 times now for absolutely no reason.” — Salon‘s Simon Maloy. To which Fusion‘s senior national correspondent Brett LoGiurato replied, “Shut up.”


HuffPost reporter imagines how Hillary could carry two phones

“I always imagine big-time people having staffers that carry their phones and such anyway. Like Gary on Veep. That bag would fit 2 phones.” — HuffPostElise Foley.

A word on Al Jazeera’s David Shuster closing the presser

“Wow…David Schuster with the last question…That’ll end a Clinton presser in a hurry.” — NYT‘s Mark Leibovich.

So how’d she do? 

“She is a stoic, and she soldiered through Tuesday, looking at the press pack with undisguised dislike and occasionally seeming to look right through us and onto a couple more — 10 more? — awful years of this, every day.” — BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith in post press conference story.

  • “Sarcastic! I thought it was a disaster.” — The New Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza. MSNBC’s Chris Hayes replied, “I sort of did too, then wondered if I was totally off.”
  • “The political media is the big loser in the Hillary email drama. She just schooled them in how to conduct a press conference.” — Jonathan Kaplan, Open Society communications officer.
  • “Weird that just a few years ago Hillary was saying she was ready for the 3 a.m. phone call and now she’s all ‘ughhhh two phonesssss.'” — J.P. Freire, communications director, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah).
  • “Carrying an extra phone vs. installing a server. Which is more ‘convenient’?” — Kirsten Powers, USA Today columnist, Daily Beast columnist, FNC contributor.
  • “I like the Clintons, respect & admire them. Today I wonder if @HillaryClinton is up to the job.” — National Journal‘s serial tweeter Ron Fournier.

FOX5’s Emily Miller weighs in on Hillary email flap 

“When I worked at State, we had both unclassified State email and personal email on the same Blackberry.” — FOX5’s Emily Miller, whose own story of a home invasion is currently in question after a newly released police report.

On punctuality and pressers

“‘journalists whine about punctuality with a straight face’ is my favorite thing.” — BuzzFeed White House correspondent Evan McMorris-Santoro. His boss, Ben Smith, replied, “I’m always relieved when they are late.”

And the first question at the press conference goes to…

“First question to Turkish television …. LOL ok.” –FNC’s Jennifer Eckhart.

And why is that? 

“Pointed out to me that Turkish TV traditionally gets the first question at the UN, like the AP gets the first question at the White House.” — WSJ‘s Byron Tau.

Self-hating reporter at a glance…

“If reporters were capable of shame they’d feel it over this display but they arent so nope.” — Media MattersOliver Willis.

Calling bullshit on Hillary Clinton’s explanation

“More than 1 account can be programmed on IPhones. That’s not the case w/Blackberry? U can’t have 2 separate accounts on 1 Blackberry device?” — CNN contributor Ana Navarro.

“Valid point from Boehner’s office. Clinton’s turning over emails because of scrutiny, not because of commitment to open government.” — HuffPost‘s Sam Stein.


From Politico‘s senior labor reporter Mike Elk:

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 3.26.58 PM

From the dark and disturbing files of Nancy Grace 

“DISTURBING: A 9-month-old died after her throat was cut with a circular power saw because she wouldn’t stop crying.” — HLN’s Nancy Grace.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sits during the Annual Women's Empowerment event at the United Nations in New York

The Observers

  • “Is Hillary’s second term over yet?” — Ross Douthat, NYT columnist.
  • “No one wants to hear about the wimmin stuff.” — TheBlazeDana Loesch.
  • “RELEASE THE YOGA SCHEDULES.” — Alana Horowitz, senior editor, HuffPost.
  • “So this ‘two devices’ line is what her crisis mgt team have come up with? Pretty weak. #HillaryEmail” — Tara Setmayer, CNN commentator.
  • “The more press obsesses about email server/devices, better for HRC. Americans eyes glazing over as this presser drones on.” — Amy Walter, national editor, Cook Political Report.
  • “Lots of people carry two phones (my buddy who I was just on a trip with). It’s a pain, but, you know, so are lots of things!” — MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

SirousXM Press Pool host doesn’t want to be loved by her sources

 Listener Jason Jaffe: “A few days ago you said, in passing, that reporters don’t want to be beloved by their sources. What did you mean by that?”

Julie Mason: “It’s a neccessarily adversarial relationship. If everyone you cover likes you then you’re doing it wrong.”

Sen. Menendez under fire

“Harry Reid: Menendez an ‘outstanding’ senator.” — CQ Roll Call‘s Steven Dennis.

Mia Farrow’s wild solution to Hillary Clinton’s email problem 

“If she had address this days ago, it might have blown over by now #emailgate.” — actress and activist Mia Farrow.