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Armed Detroit Woman Stops Home From Being Robbed For The Fourth Time [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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A Detroit woman whose home has been robbed three times prevented a fourth one all by herself.

Three men were inside the woman’s home when she confronted them with a gun on Tuesday and opened fire. She hit one of the men in the shoulder, according to WXYZ.

The wounded man is in police custody while the other two are on the loose.

The woman’s family members said that the she is shaken up and also told WXYZ that this is the fourth time she has been targeted by home invaders.

One neighbor wonders whether the suspects also tried to break into his house on Monday. That man, Chris Ballard, also said what the woman did was just what his neighborhood needs to deal with its crime problem.

“I’m glad she did [shoot],” Chris Ballard told WDIV. “I hope it’s the same guys that got me yesterday.”

Asked what he thought would have to happen for criminals to stop targeting residents, Ballard said “more of this” — a reference to his neighbor’s response to the three intruders.

“More people protecting their house. That’s what’s going to give them the message that they can’t go in there because people work too hard for it.”


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