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Bloomberg Politics Takes Full Responsibility For Doing Something Really Stupid

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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What does “taking full responsibility” even mean at this point?

Apparently a whole lot of nothing.

On Tuesday, as reported by Politico‘s Dylan Byers, Bloomberg Politics photoshopped Hillary Clinton‘s face onto a really phenomenally ugly purple pantsuit in its promotional materials.

In other words, they cut her face off her website and plopped it onto a far less attractive, plumper version of Clinton.

But…they took full responsibility.

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This isn’t the first time that Bloomberg Politics has done something really stupid with a U.S. lawmaker.

Back in October, 2014, they ran a promotional tweet about a story about what President Obama‘s chef fries — in itself not the brightest story in the Rose Garden. In it, they ran President Obama‘s face side-by side with fried chicken. The picture was supposed to depict wings and not fried chicken. And still, it looked dangerously close to Colonel Sanders finger lickin’ good recipe minus the red and white bucket.

Bloomberg Politics took the picture down and acknowledged that it could seem offensive. [RELATED: Nobody Does Fried Chicken and President Obama Like Bloomberg Politics]

Journalists on Twitter weren’t taking their Tuesday photoshopping technique lightly.

WSJ‘s Madeline Marshall: “So the photoshop took less time than it would’ve to ‘find the right original image’?”

Omaha’s WOWt6News anchor Matthew Smith: “Why wouldn’t you ONLY have the original? Is there ever a time it’s necessary to photo-shop a head onto a body for news coverage?”

The Mirror requested comment from Bloomberg Politics. A publicist declined to comment further.