Democratic Sen. Boxer: ‘I Assume’ Hillary Used Private Email While In Senate [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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A day after Hillary Clinton said she “opted for convenience” by using private email while at the State Department, California Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer said she assumes Clinton also used a personal account when she served in the Senate from 2001-09.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Wednesday, Boxer told the host that barely any U.S. senators use the Senate.gov email domain and instead use private emails to conduct business.

“I don’t know if you know this — the answer to this. You served with Hillary Clinton in the Senate, and she said she used her private email system as a matter of convenience,” Mitchell told Boxer. “But that’s what she did when she went into the State Department? Did she ever use Senate.gov?”

“Frankly, none of us really use it,” Boxer told Mitchell. “We have our own private emails. There’s no rule here. Most of us use our own private emails. I wouldn’t know.”

“I assume she did the same thing as most of us,” she said. “There’s no rule here.”

“What she did when she got to her job is she followed the law. She chose to do it this way, as she said in a very open way considering all the flap, I should have done it a different way, but it was completely allowable,” Boxer said in defense. “Colin Powell didn’t turn over one email. Show me one Republican who is saying what he did he did was terrible. They operated under the same rules.”

“Some of the rules were different,” Mitchell said pushing back.

“Not really,” Boxer responded

“There was a rule that went into effect in 2009,” Mitchell told the California senator. “There were subsequent rules but…”

“We know that, and she followed that rule which was to make sure, for archival purposes, all the official email was turned over,” Boxer said. “She’s the first one that ever did that. The first one.”