Does Every Parade Have To Be A Gay Pride Parade?

John-Henry Westen Co-Founder, LifeSiteNews.com
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Since March 17, 1762, New York’s Irish Catholics have held the St. Patrick’s Day parade. For over 250 years, this celebration was about faith, culture, and community to honor the memory of one of Catholicism’s most popular saints.

But no longer. Not happy with a parade of their own that drew 40,000 marchers and over a million other participants last year, gay activists this year used the weapons of deception, bullying, and harassment to force their agenda into what was formerly a Catholic parade.

For those who have watched the same-sex “marriage” movement for decades, this was not a surprise. The homosexual lobby relies heavily on misleading rhetoric, declaring anything short of total compliance to be “anti-gay” and “bigoted.”

Yet the history of the same-sex “marriage” movement shows  that “tolerance” is a courtesy that homosexual activists neither ask nor extend.

It wasn’t “tolerance” NYC Mayor de Blasio promoted by boycotting the St. Patrick’s Day parade. NBC Universal didn’t advance “tolerance” when it threatened not to air it. And it wasn’t “tolerance” Out@NBCUniversal wanted when it dishonestly gained access to the parade.

Instead, all of these parties required abject capitulation — something demanded every day from those who support traditional family structures. Whether one owns a bakery in Colorado, a flower shop in Washington state, or wants to film a TV show dedicated to helping families overcome financial difficulties, full surrender is what implacable homosexual activists are really after.

Likewise, in political and legislative bodies across the world, capitulation is being demanded in order for starving Africans to receive the most basic of humanitarian aid. And, increasingly, if you have traditional views on family and own a business, then your point of view is not welcome even on your private property.

Even citing science is bigoted, according to some. In order to meet the definition of “tolerant,” one must ignore the physical dangers of same-sex relationships — especially for men — and accept a lifestyle so harmful to souls.

None of this sounds “tolerant.” Instead, it sounds like cultural and legal blackmail, and dogma that is more dictatorial than anything promoted by the Church.

Deception was also part of Out@NBCUniversal’s strategy. This was made clear by the parade’s Grand Marshal, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who it appears was led to believe by Out@NBCUniversal that the group was intent on honoring the saint for which the parade happens.

“The committee’s decision allows a group to publicize its identity, not promote actions contrary to the values of the Church that are such an essential part of Irish culture,” wrote Cardinal Dolan. “I have been assured that the new group marching is not promoting an agenda contrary to Church teaching, but simply identifying themselves as ‘Gay people of Irish ancestry.’”

Since then, through FacebookTwitter, and other means, it has become clear that Out@NBCUniversal’s goal was exactly the one many feared — undermining the Church and her teachings, and “promoting an agenda contrary to Church teaching.”

As the Grand Marshal of the parade, Cardinal Dolan has a tremendous platform from which to remind the public of where all of this leads us. He should follow Christ’s example by offering God’s forgiveness to those who sin — without skipping Christ’s admonition to “go and sin no more.”

Unfortunately, it is clear that the Cardinal has been put in a tough spot by the dishonest and bullying actions of the gay lobby. He wants to bring as many as possible into the fold, yet leading this parade undermines the Church’s teachings and presents a faith that is no longer Catholic.

The Church is like a family where parents will lovingly tell the kids to do what’s right so that they will be healthy and happy. And while the kids may not get it right away, they may even complain at the rules and some of them leave home, in the long run, parents must do what they know is best for their children.

To be that good father, Cardinal Dolan must bear the scorn of the media and the cultural elites and step down as Grand Marshal. I’m sure he will gladly suffer the consequences of negative attitudes that come with discipline so as to give his spiritual children the best shot at a bright future.

For decades, gay advocacy groups have fought to undermine the Church at every turn — whether in schools, in bakeries, in legislative bodies, and even inside the walls of parishes. Now, they’ve managed to force themselves into a celebration of Catholic heritage.

It seems that the dozens of gay pride parades across the nation aren’t enough — everyone must “celebrate” or be silenced. But at least now it’s in the open that the gay lobby’s slick messaging on “tolerance” is nothing but pretence with a jackboot waiting to quell dissent.

John-Henry Westen is a co-founder of Voice of the Family, an influential international coalition of pro-life and pro-family groups which defends life and family in the media. He is also a co-founder of LifeSiteNews.com, a leading daily news website on life and family issues.