Let Smokin’ Hot Julia Gilas Lead Your ‘Wednesday Workout’ [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Working out is tough.

Sometimes, the combination of daily fatigue, not having adequate free time and simply not knowing where to begin can make the process of exercising seem extremely daunting, but TheDC has the solution to your workout woes.

Thanks to Instagram, bros around the world can get sneak peaks at the workouts of both male and female fitness models, and after doing a little bit of investigative reporting, I’ve managed to put together a quick and easy workout for our readers.

So without further ado, I’d like to invite Instagram model Julia Gilas to walk us through our very first “Wednesday Workout.”

Body-Weight Squat (WATCH):

A video posted by (@juliagilas) on

Trap-Bar Deadlift (WATCH):

A video posted by (@juliagilas) on

Single-Leg, Romanian Deadlift (WATCH): 

A video posted by (@juliagilas) on

Isolated, Stationary Lunge (WATCH): 

A video posted by (@juliagilas) on

Butt-Jiggle/Bicep Curl Combo (WATCH): 

A video posted by (@juliagilas) on

Great job everyone! Remember to properly supplement and chart your gains in order to see maximum results.

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