Rand Paul On Hillary: ‘I Don’t Think Convenience Should Trump National Security’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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In a Wednesday appearance on NBC’s “Today” Show, Sen. Rand Paul called into question Hillary Clinton’s email practices in the wake of her long-awaited remarks. In an interview with host Matt Lauer, Paul said that Clinton’s excuse that she “opted for convenience” is not a valid excuse, and something that shouldn’t “trump national security.”

Paul also hit her for, inherently, asking for the American people to trust her, telling Lauer that “we can’t trust her to do the right thing the first time.

PAUL: Well here’s the thing, I don’t think convenience should trump national security. She’s also admitted in other interviews that she has an iPhone and a Blackberry, so she does carry two devices. I think that the fact that she didn’t obey the rules by not putting them on a government server and now she says there wasn’t classified information, I’m not sure that can be trusted. We can’t trust her to do the right thing the first time. And the thing about classified information: we’re not talking about, necessarily, transmitting a document that’s classified, but many of her conversations could be classified. So lets say that I wanted to know tomorrow about all her conversations by email with the president, I would think many of those would be classified, and yet she says she did these conversations on a private server.

Nothing ever seems to be gone for good on the internet. But the other question that I would have is there is a period time when she was traveling to Libya that we are concerned about her emails, and those aren’t out there. So did she delete those? Really the problem is when someone shows themselves not necessarily to be trustworthy about doing the right thing, she was supposed to put the email on a government server, on a secure server, and she didn’t. And now she says, “well, I didn’t do the right thing then, but trust me now that the ones I deleted weren’t pertinent. And now trust me that there aren’t emails that exist concerning this trip to Libya, trust me that I’m doing the right thing. My sense of trust is a little bit lost.