State Department Describes Iran Deal Same Way 47 GOP Senators Did [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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When 47 Republican senators signed a letter to the leaders of Iran noting that any deal struck between them and President Barack Obama would not have the force of law if it were not submitted to the Senate for approval they were denounced as “traitors” by progressive activists in the media.

Just a few short days later, State Department spokeswoman, and soon to be White House communications director, Jen Psaki told reporters “Historically, under many administrations, the United States has pursued important international security initiatives through non-binding arrangements where that has been in our national interest.”

That is, essentially, what the 47 Republican senators said in their letter, and what caused many news outlets, most famously the New York Daily News, to call them “traitors.”

After her statement, reporters grilled Psaki on how a “non-binding” agreement could be enforced.

Secretary of State John Kerry also acknowledged that the agreement wouldn’t be legally binding while testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.