Chilling Audio From Lil Wayne Hoax Phone Call: ‘I’m Shooting To Kill Everyone’

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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A SWAT team surrounded rapper Lil Wayne’s Miami beach home Wednesday after an unknown caller dialed a non-emergency line and said he had just shot four people.

Though the whole thing was a hoax, audio from the call has been released where the caller threatens to kill “whoever else I see.”

“I don’t give a fuck if you’re a cop or not. I’m shooting to kill everyone and everything.”

Shortly after, the caller hangs up.

hoax phone call to shooting at Lil Wayne's house

(Photo: Splash News)

Then, another call happens, and this time the guy said he just shot four people.

MBPD SWAT team on the roof of Lil Wayne's home in Miami Beach, FL. (Photo: Splash News)

MBPD SWAT team on the roof of Lil Wayne’s home in Miami Beach, FL. (Photo: Splash News)

“I don’t know if they’re okay. We just need somebody to get here.”

Police and a SWAT team surrounded the house, but after entering found no gunman or victims. Authorities are still searching for the “swatter.” (RELATED: SWAT Team Surrounds Lil Wayne’s Home After Hoax Phone Call)