If Jeffrey Epstein’s Non-Prosecution Agreement Is Overturned, Clinton Ties To Teen Sex Ring Could Be Exposed

Roger Stone Political Consultant
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While Bill and Hillary Clinton may have cut off Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire convicted pedophile friend of Bill’s, Epstein’s chief procurer of teens for sex with Epstein and his A-list  sex crime cronies, a woman named Ghislaine Maxwell, remains an intimate of the Clintons and is running a program funded by the Clinton Slush Fund a.k.a. The Clinton Foundation.

According to a lawsuit filed against Epstein, who has settled as many as 33 lawsuits by his underage victims, Maxwell not only recruited teens for sex with Epstein and his friends but also took the lewd photographs of the girls which adorned a table in the Epstein manse when Clinton visited. Maxwell would often disrobe and join the underage action, according to the same lawsuit.

Since Ghislaine Maxwell was present on the numerous occasions when Clinton both visited Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion and flew on Epstein’s jet with the former president to Epstein’s hedonistic private underage sex retreat in the Virgin Islands, the Clintons may be concerned about what Maxwell saw or might say should she be disaffected, perhaps during the thick of a presidential campaign.

Despite the fact that Palm Beach Police identified Maxwell as the chief procurer for Epstein’s underage orgies, crimes for which she was inexplicably immunized from federal prosecution in a secret non-prosecution agreement, Maxwell was nonetheless an honored guest at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding and now works for TerraMar, a nonprofit funded by The Clinton Foundation according to the Foundation website.

Even after Epstein’s prosecution (what there was of it) in Florida criminal court, Ms. Maxwell, Epstein’s wealthy socialite pimp, was donating to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign with a maximum personal contribution. Maxwell’s contribution may be illegal given that she is not a U.S. citizen and foreign nationals are prohibited under criminal penalty from contributing to any U.S. political campaign.

The Clintons accepted a $25,000 contribution from Maxwell’s pedophilic mentor Jeffrey Epstein even after Epstein’s conviction for solicitation of a minor in Florida criminal court. Will the Clintons return Maxwell’s illegal contribution or the tainted money from Epstein? Don’t count on it.

The Clintons like money and they ain’t giving any of it back. Ever. They never have. Never will. To return the money of the pedophilic predators with whom ClintonCo has feathered its financial bed would be to reveal, or *gasp* admit, some moral trifling about who they take money from and who they consort with.

If there is one thing the Clintons have never abided, and never will, it is moral trifling. The pocketing of pedophile cash, without a blink, blazingly demonstrates that the Clintons have no shame, and arguably no conscience, at least none that any barely-ethical human being could possibly detect.

Were they to return Epstein’s money on moral grounds, at the very least they might next be compelled to return the millions in contributions they have garnered from middle-eastern regimes who oppress women and deny them basic human rights, not exactly consistent with Hillary Clinton’s emerging central campaign theme.

Should the secret non-prosecution of Epstein be overturned in the Federal Courts as now seems likely, the good ship Clinton could be in for more stormy seas as Bubba himself maybe compelled to testify as to his relationship with the sex criminal.

Inspired federal prosecutors would, or should, depose those parties connected to the international sex slavery activities of Jeffrey Epstein, on whose island Bill Clinton spent numerous days and nights in the company of female consorts of tender age, to put it delicately.

The prospect of real punishment for the real sex crimes of Jeffrey Epstein puts old Bubba Bill Clinton in quite a bind. He has no out. If Epstein faces justice — the real kind, not the kangaroo non-prosecution he’s so far nicely bought (or perhaps has extorted) for himself, and if Epstein faces real time, in real federal lockup, who knows who he may implicate in exchange for leniency, a reward for aiding the service of justice for his pedophilic sex-capading cronies.

Given this latent scandal involving Clinton Foundation donations, alleged sex trips by Bill with a convicted pedophile, and the Clinton Foundation irregularities and lavish spending, running for the presidency may be as much survival play as power grab for Team Clinton.