Fournier: ‘Never Seen’ Hillary Look Less Presidential Than During Press Conference [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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National Journal columnist Ron Fournier said that he’s “never seen” former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “look as unpresidential” than when she was addressing her use of private emails on Tuesday.

Fournier made his remarks Fox News’ Sean Hannity on his eponymous program Wednesday night.

“I’ve known the Clintons and frankly admired the Clintons since the mid-80s,” Fournier said. “I’ve been covering them for a long time. … They have some great strengths, but look they have some great weaknesses, and we saw them all on display yesterday.”

“A sense of entitlement, a sense of the ends justify the means, a sense of victimization that everyone’s out to get me, this paranoia,” Fournier told Hannity. “So, I’ve always thought, ironically, that she would be a better president than her husband. I’ve thought that for years.”

“Well, yesterday I’ve never seen her look as unpresidential as she did at that news conference,” he said.

The National Journal scribe has been critical of Clinton lately, writing that the former first lady should “retire her White House dreams” and that she “still doesn’t get it.”

WATCH (starts at 4:42):