It’s Pretty Obvious You Photoshopped Your Butt In This Picture, Lindsay Lohan [PHOTOS]

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Just when it seemed like Lindsay Lohan was composing herself, she goes and does something like this.

The 28-year-old posted a photo on her Instagram Wednesday of her wearing a black leotard, captioning it, “My feet look red lol- had to take that out. Only real red is my hair.”

And it does seem like her hair is the only thing that’s real, because it’s pretty obvious Lohan did a poor Photoshop job on her thighs and backside.

The door she’s standing in front of is warped, showing that the redhead tried to alter her lower body with a photo editing software.

Lindsay Lohan photoshops her butt on Instagram

(Photo: Instagram)

And her followers noticed. One advised her to “take some photoshop class or do some squats.”

But maybe she didn’t have time to learn how to properly. She did just get 125 hours of community service tacked on. (RELATED: Lindsay Lohan Is About To Be Very Busy For 125 Hours)