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Despite Bad Press, Aaron Schock Is Still A Hot Commodity

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.) will appear on a millennial panel at SXSW in Austin this weekend. It’s called: “Millennials: The Unstoppable Force.”

The lawmaker has been in hot water as of late over a myriad of potentially damaging acts — everything from his Downton Abbey decorated congressional office, his use of private planes, and questionable trips abroad to his unstoppable spending habits. He’s even acknowledged to his constituents that his trips are not good optics for his constituents back home. Just this week, National Journal reported that Schock took a photographer to India and didn’t disclose it. Politico has also been continuously chronicling his questionable deeds.

Also this week, CNN’s Drew Griffin tried to confront him in person, but Shock wasn’t having it. He said he’ll let an “internal review” decide if he’s done anything wrong. “I’m not going to comment further until that review is complete,” he said.

When Schock told Griffin to enjoy his evening, Griffin snapped, “Come on, I’ve been polite to you.”

Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), who often appears with Schock on millennial matters, will join Schock on the panel.

Generation Opportunity is proud to have him on board.

“GenOpp is proud to facilitate a meaningful conversation with Millennial leaders on both sides of the aisle at this year’s South by Southwest Festival,” said GenOpp President Evan Feinberg in a statement released Friday. “Whether it’s jobs, healthcare, or criminal justice, our generation is interested in solving issues – and we’re excited to engage in a discussion with members of both parties on the policies that set us up for the best future possible.”

Schock didn’t have a quote in the release, but Gabbard did and it stood in pointed contrast to the bad press Schock has been getting as of late for his trips, image and such.

“Too often, political bickering in Washington overshadows the issues that this generation of Americans are concerned about,” said Gabbard. “Millennials care less about party labels and blind partisanship, and care more about getting things done. Like so many people, of all generations, I’m working towards finding creative solutions to the challenges that face our country, and finding strong partners to work with to get the job done. That must include more open dialogue and bipartisan collaboration in Congress that prioritizes results over rhetoric, and engaging with leaders and innovators who are finding solutions every day in our communities and in the private sector.”