Gawker To Sue State Department Over ‘Nixonian’ Clinton Emails [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Appearing on C-SPAN, Gawker Media executive editor John Cook announced that his organization would be filing a lawsuit against the State Department for their “Nixonian” tactics to shield Hillary Clinton and her aides’ emails from journalists. (RELATED: Hackers: Hillary’s Private Server Was VERY Insecure)

COOK: So we are filing, probably today, a lawsuit prepared by… two attorneys we are working with in Washington, D.C. We have one active request with the State Department, which is for email correspondence between one of Hillary Clinton’s top aides Philippe Reines and reporters at about 34 news organizations…

So we filed a request back in — I believe this was a 2011 request, actually. And we received an absolutely preposterous response from the State Department, which was that they had no such records, that there were no e-mails between Philippe Reines and reporters at the New York Times, at the Wall Street Journal, at CNN, at every major news organization. We appealed that request, and State Department said it would continue to search for those records. Years later, they are still searching and haven’t turned them over.

Now that we know there was a plot at the highest levels of the State Department to shield e-mail communications from senior staffers– and remember, this is not just Hillary Clinton who had one of these email addresses. Huma Abedin. one of her top aides, also had a clintonemail.com address… But now that we know that there was an effort at the top to frustrate the effort of FOIA requesters, we’re filing a suit probably today, and if not today, on Monday.

It certainly is very Nixonian, this plot that was hatched to keep her governmental communications and private communications out of the hands of government. And, you know, its about controlling information.

And one of the things I think is interesting — the idea that this was for convenience because she didn’t want two devices, is just preposterous. Its insulting to the intelligence of the American people, that she thinks that would be a reasonable explanation for why she took the extraordinary steps of setting up an email server apparently in her home, monitored and administered outside the bounds of the State Department… it’s preposterous.

[h/t Washington Post]

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