Lacrosse Bro Paul Rabil Plays Catch Across Frozen Harbor [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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It’s March, and at this point, I’m sick and tired of winter.

I would gladly sacrifice my first-born son* in order to time-travel to the middle of the summer and never have to deal with snow and ice again. That being said, winter unleashes one’s inner-child and can prompt consummate professionals to attempt so entertaining — albeit juvenile — stunts.

For example, pro lacrosse player Paul Rabil and his buddy Drew Westervelt decided to take advantage of a recent freeze in Baltimore and have a casual game of catch across the harbor.


It took Rabil a hop, skip and a roll to get it to the other side, and had it been anybody else, I wouldn’t have cared. Still, we’re talking about the former world’s fastest shot record-holder:


Yeah, anything that clocks in under 110 mph ain’t gonna cut it.

*Fear not, ladies. Your boy definitely doesn’t have a kid and is definitely still on the market.

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