Milwaukee Brewers Ban High-Fives To Stop The Spread Of Pink-Eye [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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MLB Spring Training is full of wacky stories, and this one is no exception.

The Milwaukee Brewers announced on Friday that the organization is levying a temporary ban on high-fives. Players and coaches will be prohibited from slapping skin in order to curb an aggressive strain of pink-eye that has already benched catcher Jonathan Lucroy and pitching coach Rick Kranitz, reports Bleacher Report.

To be honest, I initially thought that the Brewers’ “war on fun” was a little overkill. I hear there’s another, proven method to stop the spread of infectious diseases.

It’s called washing your hands. People have been doing it for years.

Though the selected course of action still seems a little much to me, at least the Brewers are treating the problem before it reaches “Costas in Sochi” levels.

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