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Politico Reporter With PTSD Can’t Even Escape His Pub In His Therapist’s Office

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Politico can be a hard thing to escape in Washington.

It’s mid-March, and Politico senior labor reporter Mike Elk has been working outside of his suburban Virginia newsroom for almost two months now.

For a little while, it seemed like management took issue with his announcement to unionize his newsroom. The optics weren’t looking good — he announces his plight to unionize and suddenly he’s gone from the newsroom?

Elk eventually released a statement saying that was not the case and that he has STSD — Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder. “POLITICO has been very accommodating to me and my need for treatment,” he wrote. A longtime union friend of Elk’s told The Daily Caller that he’s suffered from PTSD-related issues for years as the result of one of his sources committing suicide. Elk has attended a support group and has talked openly about getting therapy for it. [RELATED: Has Anybody Seen Politico’s Labor Reporter Mike Elk?]

When a person has PTSD (or STDS), workplaces must accommodate the employee — i.e. letting the afflicted work in an atmosphere that won’t trigger their symptoms. [RELATED: Mike Elk Speaks Out About Why He’s Been MIA From Politico’s Newsroom]

With the unionizing mission underway and whispers of Elk’s prickly relations with some of his editors, it’s not a hard conclusion to draw that workplace issues might be setting off his PTSD/STSD.

Then he has to go to his therapist’s office and see Politico? She (or he) can’t remove copies on the days he comes?