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Stop A Home Invasion: Criminals Go On Video Telling How To Target And Break Into A Home

Mike Piccione Editor, Guns & Gear
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Each year bad guys will unlawfully enter a home 3.7 million times. That breaks down to 10,137 a day. If you are present when the entry happens that moves the incident into the “home invasion” category.

Quite often people who are defenseless use the logic that they will “let” the home intruder take what they want. Regrettably those that are participating in a home invasion not only want your property they may also want to be sure that the witness is beaten so badly they fear going to the police. Or worse, they may just simply kill you.

In an effort to bring awareness to burglaries and home invasions the Barnstable County, MA, sheriff’s office created a video asking the criminals themselves what they look for in a target home.

Watch, share, take their advice and secure your home.