James Carville Claims Clinton Email Scandal Is Good… For The Clintons [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Democratic strategist and longtime Clinton ally James Carville argued on ABC’s “This Week” that the scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s use of private email as Secretary of State was a good thing… for Hillary Clinton. (VIDEO: Gawker To Sue State Department Over ‘Nixonian’ Clinton Emails)

CARVILLE: This is not just spin. I actually believe this. In some ways this is good, because it reminds everybody of what it is. And so — this happened, and it’s never going to stop, all right? Because it’s what I call a Clinton rule. There’s the rule that applies to the Clintons and then there’s a rule that applies to everyone else.

REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST ANA NAVARRO: We agree. They think they’re above the rules!

CARVILLE: No, again, this is what it is. There are people out there like me that don’t accept that. We don’t accept the standard that some rules apply to the Clintons and other rules apply to everyone else.

FOX HOST GRETA VAN SUSTERAN: You just stepped in it, James! You just stepped in it. That’s the whole idea; the rule on the e-mails applied to them and not everyone else.

CARVILLE: Colin Powell does the same thing, Jeb Bush does the same thing, you say, ‘Oh, that’s Colin Powell.’ No it’s — what she did was completely legal. Just as what Jeb Bush did and Colin Powell did was legal. We do not accept it.

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