Hacker Group ‘Anonymous’ Releases 9,200 ISIS-Supporting Twitter Accounts

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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The hacktivist group “Anonymous” has posted a list of 9,200 Twitter accounts the group claims are supporters of ISIS — their latest strike against the terrorist group’s online propaganda.

Anonymous partnered with fellow hacktivist groups GhostSec and Ctrlsec to assemble the list, which the groups encouraged the online community to share in an effort to have the accounts banned.

“We’re releasing it to hold Twitter accountable,” the group said in a post on Medium. “I encourage you all to do your duty not only as a citizen of the world but also as a member of the Internet community and re-post this on social media.”

“The more attention it gets the more likely it becomes Twitter takes action in removing these accounts and making a serious impact on the ability of ISIS to spread propaganda and recruit new members.”

“This is historic amongst the digital world as it’s the first time these groups have come together for something this large,” a member of Anonymous told International Business Times.

“Usually they are very closed off and not willing to work outside of their circles but this has become so large of a problem they’re willing to form an alliance for what is seen as a greater good.”

Anonymous named ISIS the group’s next target earlier this year in a campaign dubbed “Operation ISIS,” and released a video in February claiming responsibility for shutting down almost 800 Twitter accounts, 12 Facebook pages and more than 50 email addresses. (RELATED: U.S. Central Command Twitter Hacked By Cyberattackers Claiming To Represent ISIS)

“You will be treated like a virus, and we are the cure. We own the Internet,” the group said in the video, adding that “Muslims, Christians, and Jews” came together to hunt down ISIS supporters online.

So far the group claims to have taken down almost 1,000 websites, email accounts and virtual private network connections in support of ISIS. (RELATED: An Alarming Number OF Twitter Accounts Have Been Associated With ISIS)

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