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Is Gayle King’s Butt Too Big?! (Hey, She Asked!)

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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CBS “This Morning” co-host Gayle King must be commended for her ability to laugh at herself — as well as pre-empt any possible item on Page Six.

On Friday, Oprah‘s BFF had a wardrobe malfunction and posted it on Instagram. It wasn’t a nip slip. It was more in the vicinity of her caboose, which she had slipped into a pretty pink Zac Posen dress.

The malfunction itself was pretty spectacular. King’s dress split in the ass section as she was getting out of a car at Manhattan’s Hearst Tower. She could feel actual “cold air” on her “bottom” and thanked goodness for her black Spanx.

King asked her fans, “Sooo is Zac Posen dress too small or my butt too big?”

Miraculously, there were no nasty comments. Many liked her sense of humor and her curves.

Upon learning what had happened, Posen, as reported by E! Television, promised to remedy the situation ASAP. “Replacement on its way or send to the studio and we will fix!! I’m really sorry about the seam ripping. Love Zp” he wrote on Instagram.

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