Is This Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Doing Cocaine In This Video? [VIDEO]

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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A video surfaced over the weekend that purportedly shows “Sports Illustrated Swim” model Gigi Hadid snorting cocaine at a Victoria’s Secret spring break party that she was hosting.

The video, originally posted by Hadid’s boyfriend Cody Simpson on Snapchat, shows the 19-year-old dancing and then leaning her head over a counter. A publication called Ocean Up then posted the video, and implied she was snorting cocaine in it.

Video of Gigi Hadid doing cocaine

(Photo: Ocean Up screen capture)

Hadid is vehemently denying the allegation on Twitter.

“If u actually watch the video there is nothing on the counter .5 sec’s before you see that image… It’s not only impossible but insane to me,” Hadid wrote.

gigi hadid sports illustrated

(Photo: Sports Illustrated)

“Besides for doing the supposed in general, I’d be an idiot to do that at a WORK EVENT in front of hundreds of people/press. I’m insulted.” (RELATED: This Horse Just Tried To Untie Gigi Hadid’s Top [PHOTOS])