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Journalism Prof Describes Ezra Klein As ‘Nerd-Chic’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
Font Size: editor-in-chief and Democratic activist Ezra Klein went out on a real limb last week during a speech at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He told students that political journalists do a “shitty” job at explaining why Washington is terrible.

Oh no. I feel one of those insipid explainer pieces coming on.

Please, Ezzy, please explain why Washington reporters suck at what they do.

According to a story by Campus News Editor Bri Maas in the university pub, The Daily Cardinal, Klein — who a professor described as “nerd-chic” — began his lecture by telling students that one big problem in politics is the way it is explained by the media. (Of course, acting like he’s not part of the media.)

Sounding like a politician, the nerd complained about Washington.

“Washington is terrible because we do a shitty job telling you why Washington is terrible,” he told the students.

He said “polarization” is one of the most poorly understood concepts in politics.

(Uh oh, I feel another explainer piece brewing.)

The reporter quoted a graduate student saying Klein’s talk inspired her to walk through her fears and “try new things.”

And there it is, Klein’s future career: motivational speaker.