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Welcome Back, Carville

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Out of all the decisions Hillary Clinton has made over the last two weeks, none has been more entertaining than her choice to push her few remaining friends out in front of the TV cameras to defend her. She’s been putting off her campaign launch as long as possible, so up until now her bumbling has been mildly amusing at best. But now, America is starting to remember what it looks like when a Clinton is in big trouble.

It looks like this:

James Carville: “I suspect she didn’t want Louis Gohmert rifling through her e-mails, which seems to me to be a kinda reasonable position for someone to take.”

Putting aside Carville’s soothing demeanor and easygoing charm, note his message here: Hillary Clinton broke the law to avoid Congressional and public oversight. If you’ve been paying attention to American history for the past quarter-century, you got this one right.

Of course, that’s secondary to Carville, because she’s a Clinton and he’s got bills to pay. The facts don’t matter. The law doesn’t matter. Would this man lie to you?


Earlier in the week, Carville gave us another moment of classic comedy:

The Redneck Skull made such a calm, compelling argument for Hillary Clinton’s infallibility and strong sense of ethics, Andrea Mitchell herself was rendered speechless. Then he unhinged his jaw and swallowed a live guinea pig.

It seems like old times! The longer those overreaching GOP traitors keep insisting that the latest non-story about Hillary Clinton’s blatant criminality somehow matters, the longer we get to watch James Carville hiss and spit at us. It’s fun to watch, but please do not tap on the glass.