Did Bruce Jenner Get A Nose Job To ‘Look More Feminine’? [PHOTOS]

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Reports surfaced Tuesday that Bruce Jenner got a nose job in order to “soften his features” as he allegedly transitions into a woman.

The nose job, which he got a few weeks ago TMZ reports, supposedly smoothed down the bridge of his nose in order to make the former Olympic athlete appear more feminine.

Along with growing his hair out and getting manicures, this is one of the more permanent changes Jenner has made. He also had a laryngeal shave to smooth out his Adam’s apple recently.

Bruce Jenner gets nose job

(Photo: Splash News)

When Jenner was in a car wreck that left one woman dead in early February, he confirmed to a healthcare worker who he submitted a blood sample to that he was indeed taking hormones. (RELATED: Bruce Jenner Involved In Deadly Car Wreck)

Since the wreck, he has reportedly slowed down his hormone therapy, but if all continues to go well he could undergo surgery as soon as this summer. (RELATED: Bruce Jenner May Get Sex Change Surgery As Soon As This Summer)

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