Megyn Kelly Slams Hillary For ‘Egregious,’ ‘Complete Dereliction Of Duty’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Fox News host Megyn Kelly went off on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on “The Five” for failing to hand over all unclassified emails to the State Department upon her departure, despite federal regulations requiring her to do so.

Kelly was reacting to the news that Clinton failed to sign a separation statement, certifying that all her unclassified emails had been handed over to the State Department.

“This is so egregious!” Kelly said. “Let me tell you that this has been a complete dereliction of duty to the American people.” (VIDEO: Josh Earnest: High-Ranking WH Officials Are Required To Sign The Form Hillary Didn’t Sign)

“They had an obligation — that they put upon themselves at the State Department with their own rules and their own manual — that they did not follow,” she continued. “And who was in command at the time? Hillary Clinton. And she had somebody fired for in part not following the rules when it came to federal records, but she didn’t hold herself to the same standard.”

And now, [State Department spokeswoman] Jen Psaki gets out their today the first thing she says, which is an obvious attempt to try to diminish what Hillary Clinton did, ‘We didn’t find one for [former Secretaries] Powell or Rice either.’ Well guess what?” Kelly said. “They were not entirely off-line like Hillary Clinton!”

“Hillary Clinton did everything from Chappaqua and her individual device, which was controlled by her own server,” she continued. “So it was more important than ever that when she left the State Department, she sat down with the records official as she was required to do…” (VIDEO: Boehner To Hillary: Turn Over Your Private Email Server)

“Because you know what? Those aren’t her documents. They are yours, and yours, and mine, and all of the viewers. They are not Hillary’s.”

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