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Want To Know What Charlie Crist Will Be Doing In 2016?

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Well, here it is anyway.

Peter Hamby, CNN:

Charlie Crist, the perma-tanned Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat who has sought nearly every statewide office of note in Florida, will not run for Senate in 2016, he said Monday.

“I will not be seeking office in 2016, but I will be working alongside you,” Crist wrote in a Facebook post. “Too much is at stake for our beautiful Florida to be on the sidelines. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.”

Yay! On behalf of Republicans everywhere, I’m delighted at the idea of Charlie Crist “working alongside” Democrats. Have fun, you guys. He’s all yours.

Welcome to the NFL, Charlie! Now go fetch the towels and Gatorade.