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Anthony Weiner Says New York Post ‘Makes Stuff Up’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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If anyone has room to make fun of the press, surely it’s former lawmaker turned journalist Anthony Weiner (D-Schlongsville). Right??!!

Now a columnist at Business Insider, the Weiner has a small cluster of journalists he follows on Twitter, one of them being New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, a former political reporter for the New York Post and Politico.

When Haberman questioned author Ed Klein‘s claim that Obama adviser (and Mika Brzezinksi‘s BFF) Valerie Jarrett is behind Hillary Clinton‘s email woes, Weiner took the opportunity to — maybe jokingly? — take her and the NYP to the woodshed.

And who better to question press chops than Weiner? Some may recall him on CNN staring into Wolf Blitzer‘s face as he lied to him about the penis picture. “We’re doing an investigation,” he replied when Blitzer asked whether the picture he sent to the college student was, in fact, his penis. Wolf’s greatest line: “You would know if this was your underpants for example