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Michelle Obama’s Mom: Well, Okay, As Long As He’s Not ALL-White

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The following item isn’t important, and after you read it, I’ll explain why.

Darren Boyle, Daily Mail:

A new biography of Michelle Obama has revealed that her mother was initially suspicious of her future son-in-law because he was of mixed race.

The claim is contained in a new biography of the First Lady written by Washington Post correspondent Peter Slevin.

However, despite her initial reservations, Marian Robinson, 77, was soon won over by the high-flying lawyer who had serious political ambitions…

As part of his research into Mrs Obama’s life, Mr Slevin uncovered an interview with WTTW’s ‘Chicago Tonight’ show where Mrs Robinson addressed the issue of race.

She told the interviewer that his mixed-race heritage did not worry her. ‘That didn’t concern me as much as had he been completely white.’

Stop. Hold it right there.

This doesn’t matter, because Obama didn’t marry a white woman. If this was some old white lady expressing reservations about her daughter marrying a man of proud African-American heritage, that would be different. If this was some dumb redneck cross-burner saying, “Well, at least he’s not all-black,” that would be different. Because it just would.

Still confused, teabagger? Let me dumb it down for you: It would be racist if a white person said it about someone of a different race. In this case it’s not racist, because a black person said it about someone of a different race.

This isn’t racism. This is just common sense. Everybody knows that whites are the enemy. Because they’re white. They have the same skin color as other people who’ve done bad things. That means they’re bad too.

What’s racist about that?

If anything, Marian Robinson is to be commended for her tolerance in allowing one of those people into her family. And if you have a problem with that, you need to take your cracker ass to Starbucks for some re-education.

In sum: According to Michelle Obama’s mom, Barack is one of the good ones.