Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Refuse To Speak To Each Other

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, two famous people, aren’t on speaking terms.

In the most “Stars—They’re just like us!” thing ever, the couple who famously divorced in 2012 after six years of marriage are reportedly relying on intermediaries to do the talking for them.

“There are no direct co-parenting discussions,” TMZ reports.

And apparently both parties have no desire to become chatty anytime soon. (RELATED: Did The Church Of Scientology Tap Nicole Kidman’s Phone?)

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes aren't on speaking terms

(Photo: Getty Images)

“As for Suri…sources close to Tom say he’s still involved in his daughter’s life, although he hasn’t seen her in months because he’s been in London shooting ‘Mission Impossible 5.’ Production wrapped last Thursday and our Tom sources say he’s coming back to L.A. and will see Suri when he returns.”

Meanwhile, Holmes is allegedly dating Jamie Foxx.

Glad we’re all caught up. You can go back to your life now. (RELATED: Watch Tom Cruise Narrowly Avoid Getting Whacked By A Double-Decker Bus [VIDEO])