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Where In The World Is Hillary Rodham Clinton?*

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She’s exactly where she’s always been, baby: In the fast lane on the road to the White House!

Philip Rucker, WaPo:

In Iowa, Democrats want to see Hillary Rodham Clinton mingling in their neighborhood coffee shops, answering their questions and sharing laughs. In New Hampshire, they expect her on their living-room couches, listening to their tales of struggle. In South Carolina, they’re eager to hold hands with her and pray together.

And in each of the early presidential primary and caucus states, Democratic activists are asking the same question: Where is Hillary?…

Clinton’s absence has stoked unease among her impatient supporters, who also worry about her reputation as someone uncomfortable with the nitty-gritty of retail campaigning.

Fear not, fellow Hillary fans. She’s doing fine. She’s just taking a well-deserved breather after her triumphant press conference last week. She really humiliated those VRWC knuckleheads in the mainstream media, and she masterfully reassured the public of her honesty, competence, and grace under fire. #Emailghazi is now over, and Hillary’s disappearance proves it!

You’ll get more of Hillary when she’s good and ready, America. Nothing is going to stop her inevitable coronation inauguration. Y’know, just like in ’08.

In the meantime, you can get your fix from the intern who’s running her Twitter account:

(Hat tip: Ed Morrissey)