Keeping A Pulse On The Real America

Ted Nugent Musician
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Positive is as positive does, and I am reminded of such glowing optimism on a daily basis. Propelled relentlessly for more than 50 years into the public eye by my unique brand of high-energy Motown soulmusic lovesongs, I need not seek feedback to find out what kind of human being stands with me and those that don’t just disagree, but choose to spew hate.

Never afraid to speak, live, share and raise maximum hell for truth, logic, commonsense and the American Way, I wear my belief system proudly exposed for all to see. There is no ambiguity as to where old Uncle Ted stands. I was raised to give, not take, and work my ass off to always be in the asset column of life.

It’s the perfect recipe for happiness and the American Dream, thank you.

However, in this heartbreaking culture war between the producers and the takers, such honesty attracts both the best families of the world and the strange haters from the communism/socialism/numbnut brigades everywhere I go.

Involved in pretty much every children’s charity and military charity in the land, the Nugent family not only participates in the grand American tradition of giving back, but we are genuinely moved by the nonstop spirit of giving and caring by everybody we know, everywhere we go, everytime the call for help rings out.

Raising critical funds for the youth of America with our 501C3 Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids for the last 25 years, our Freedom’s Angels military charity, and so many others, it is easy to see that we stand with the very best of the best.

Whether on tour with my band, picking up grain at the local feedmill, breaking bread with family and friends at the local eatery, or just cruising hither and yon in our daily carpe diem activities, the love and support I receive is truly the greatest gift a man can hope for, and I whole heartedly thank each and every one of you around the world for all your positive spirit and energy.

Conversely, the viciousness of the lies and hate spewed upon my family and me from the left can only be described as pure evil.

It is one thing to not agree with the conservation lifestyle and choice of venison, but quite another to threaten to kill my family because we hunt. These nonstop vile threats against our lives, and hunters everywhere for that matter, are off the charts insane and graphically indicative of the soullessness and nasty hate over at the Huffington Post, Southern Poverty Law Center, MSNBC, the American Communist Party, the leftist websites and even the Wendy Davis Democrat campaign gang last November.

Such rot has to be witnessed to be believed.

Hillary Clinton’s hero Saul Alinsky lives and his entire putrid gang stinks.

It is truly a test of one’s imagination trying to understand the bloodsucking way of life, but nonetheless we must never give up doing all we can to reverse it.

Another perfect example of the unlimited love we get to celebrate all the time took place in the little town of Sulphur, Louisiana just last Saturday where good friend Joe Palermo and family were celebrating the grand opening of their new Action Arms gunstore.

Invited to speak and hang with Americans dedicated to the Second Amendment and the duty to self-defense, I was joined by a few thousand smiling, laughing, uppity, workin’ hard, playin’ hard, huntin’ and fishin’ hard families of the great Sportsman’s Paradise state under the great leadership of Governor Bobby Jindal.

Wonderful people from a 91 year old hero warrior vet of WWII to a newborn infant, the effervescent glow from these incredible people reminded me once again how right I am.

During my speech I lovingly requested for anybody from the crowd of nearly 3000 to debate me on hunting, trapping, fishing, gun ownership, the right to self-defense, being as productive as possible, the origins of the sexiest guitar licks in the history of the world, the criminal abuse of power by this president, his entire corrupt administration, the out of control U.S. government overall, the tsunami of lies and hate from the leftist media and academia, or any other topic of their choice.

And once again, like at all my public appearances, nothing.

The left is virtually incapable of debating me on anything because deep down in the dark caverns of the hole that used to house a soul, they know damn well that their entire agenda is based on lies and the irrefutable historical evidence that they are always on the wrong side.

Though very sad, it does make for a lively and very interesting display of righteousness on my part, and the entire assemblage always gets quite a kick out of it.

We once again raised funds for important charities, made new friends, signed up many new NRA members and even planned some hunting and fishing adventures in the future.

Lois Lerner and Susan Rice are still not in jail, Brian Terry and Senator Stevens are still dead, Bowe Bergdahl is still being coddled, the president and his dangerous gang are still on the destructo derby fast-track to “fundamentally transform” i.e. wreck, the greatest quality of life the world has ever known, weird goofballs are still chanting the “hands up don’t shoot” lie, the gun free zone of Chicago is still the murder capital, Hillary still thinks she’s above the law, and America remains in a deathswirl tailspin straight into hell at the hands of America haters.

Fortunately, my guitar refuses to gently weep, the GOP kicked ass in November, more and more Americans are waking up to our we the people responsibilities to take this country back, the NRA is growing, and the president’s spokespeople are still too stupid to see how everybody is catching on to their manipulative spin.

I don’t need to be in the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame, I’m already in the American We The People Hall of Fame and having the time of my life.