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McCain Blasts Durbin’s Lies And Racebaiting

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First, a brief sequence of events that led up to the following exchange:

  1. Senate Republicans put up a bill to combat human trafficking.
  2. Senate Democrats block the bill because it has an amendment preventing taxpayer-funded abortion.
  3. This obstructionism on the part of Democrats has delayed a confirmation vote on the appointment of Loretta Lynch to the office of U.S. Attorney General.

Supporting human trafficking and delaying the confirmation of the first black female AG at the same time? That’s not a good look, Dems.

So, what’s a loyal Democrat to do about his own party’s monumental dishonesty and ineptitude? The usual: Launch a monumentally dishonest, inept attack on Republicans. Accuse them of what the Democrats actually did, and hope the low- to no-info voters will believe it.

And just to add some spice, throw in a cynical, bad-faith bit of racial divisiveness. Why not? Everybody’s doin’ it.

SPOILERS: Rosa Parks fought against the Democrats.

Surprisingly, John McCain’s response to Durbin’s malignant slur isn’t “Thank you, sir, may I have another?”

Too bad we didn’t see this McCain back in 2008. Playing nice with lying slimeballs like Dick Durbin gets you nowhere.

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Jim Treacher