Mitt Romney: ‘It’s Always Something With The Clintons’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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As if everyone hadn’t commented on the Hillary Clinton email situation already, Mitt Romney made sure he didn’t miss out on the party.

In an interview with Yahoo! anchor Katie Couric, the former GOP presidential nominee called the former secretary of state’s email saga “a mess,” adding there’s “always something with the Clintons.”

“It’s a mess. What you see here is Clinton’s behaving badly. We’ve seen this before. It’s always something with the Clintons,” Romney said. “They have rules which they describe before they get into something, and then they decide they don’t have to follow their own rules. And that, I think, is gonna be a real problem for her.”

“This whole email setting and contributions to the Clinton Foundation from foreign governments just remind us of the things about the Clintons that were not positive in the past,” Romney told Couric.

Couric pressed Romney over the use of private emails by other officials, including himself during his tenure as governor of Massachusetts. Romney pushed back, telling Couric the rules for the secretary of state and governors are completely different.

“She was the secretary of state. She was making policy that represents history for this country, that will shape the relations between our country and other countries,” Romney said. “That’s why there are rules and regulations that what she says and what communicates and what deliberates should be part of the historical record. But she chose to say no.”

Romney went on to hit the former first ady for her use of a private server in her house to keep records of her emails.

“That is something that is going way beyond the pale,” Romney remarked.