Netanyahu’s Victory: A Lesson For America’s Liberty?

Alan Keyes Former Assistant Secretary of State
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Back in March, 2010 I concluded a blog post about the ominous implications of Obama’s inimical treatment of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu with the following observation:

Israel never was, and still is not, a creature of American power. It rests in the hands of God, and it will survive as long as in heart and soul, and mind and strength the people of Israel walk humbly with their God. Many Americans who love their liberty will be walking there beside them, trusting the same God for the strength to preserve us free.

We all know that what began with Obama’s rudeness to Netanyahu during a White House visit ended in an overt effort, during the recent election campaign in Israel, to bring Netanyahu’s life as the political leader of Israel to an end. Thank God voters in Israel cast their ballots in a way that emphatically demonstrates the truth of what I wrote — Israel never was, and still is not a creature of American power.

Along the way to Netanyahu’s re-election victory, many Americans also proved true to the expectation that they will not abandon the people of Israel. More than ever, I think, many Americans realize that Obama’s enmity toward Israel is of a piece with his enmity toward the Constitution and liberty of the people of the United States. As an avowed Marxist, Obama doubtless suspects the truth, which is that Israel’s very existence refutes the fanciful understanding of history that purports to validate the Marxist ideology.

Like the stand of the ancient Greeks against what appeared to be the inexorable power of the ancient Persian Empire, Israel’s so far successful stand against the orchestrated hatred of the enemies of decent liberty defies the supposedly inexorable power of the materialist dialectic that Marxists worship in the place of God. Israel’s stand, indeed its very existence in the modern world, is the fruit of the moral and spiritual essence of human beings which, though it informs and mingles with the dust, never consents simply to be defined and ruled by its material laws.

Something of this transcendent spirit shined through during Netanyahu’s recent address to Congress. He stood before the representatives of a people till recently sure of being the most materially powerful nation known to human history. He represented a nation materially sure of nothing but the powerful hatred of its enemies. Yet with unflinching courage he etched the line that must be drawn, no matter what, against the violent depravity which seeks, by means of terror, to mute and overpower the conscience of the world.

For many Americans his words resounded in places of the heart they once believed to be a special province of their own country. It is the place where sleep the honored dead who gave their lives defending decent freedom. It is the place from whence the champions of right still preach the truth that justice is its shield, and strong good faith its sword, rightly dividing truth from falsehood.

The contrast between Netanyahu’s forthright statement of the truth, and the litany of lies and equivocation we hear from Obama and his quisling collaborators in the GOP, reminded us that courageous human decency is never so common that we can afford to take it for granted. Even our visceral revulsion against brutal and repeated atrocity is not, by itself, enough to sustain it. If it were, we Americans would not hear truth from a friend beleaguered by Obama’s administration of the U.S. government (as are we), yet go on tolerating the faithless elitist faction leaders in the GOP, who deliberately collaborate with him.

And we would have no patience with their implausible excuses for arrogantly refusing to do what the Constitution requires to call him to account. We would be ashamed to see the people of Israel showing greater resolve in defiance of Obama’s attack on their political independence than we are willing to show in resistance to his repeated assaults on our Constitutional sovereignty as a people.

The political agents the Obama faction dispatched to subvert Israel’s electoral process deployed political propaganda based on the same suicidal illogic they follow in the United States. Israelis are threatened by developments that may end up helping one of their most boisterous and active enemies to produce weapons capable of wiping Israel from existence with a single blow. Yet the Obama molded opposition to Netanyahu sought to beguile the Israeli electorate by giving priority to a show of sympathy for the economic challenges faced by individuals.

This can be an effective political tactic. But it is evidence of a ruthless will to achieve the goals of power by playing on the vulnerabilities of individuals, while luring a nation to its doom. Thanks to a political process that allows people to vote as their faithful consciences dictate, Israeli voters rejected this poisonous bait.

Here in the U.S. the falsely idolized “two-party system” allows the elitist faction forces that created and back Obama (and the quisling GOP leaders who collaborate with him) to offer the America people no alternative to a similarly poisonous snare. They promise “free” goods and services, access to jobs and housing, and a world where no licentious conduct will be frowned upon, whatever its implications for the social cohesion and liberty of our society. With unity on their lips, they foment deadly racial tensions and enmity. With rights as their mantra, they construct a totalitarian regime of surveillance, censorship and retribution calculated to stifle or punish dissent, even if that it means contradicting the freedom to question, criticize and reexamine “official” theories, a freedom which vital to the scientific method on which they pretend to rely.

Tragically, unlike the Israelis, we now have a single faction political system that deprives sincere, conscientious voters any say in our politics. People who seek to serve America’s good are told they must settle for whatever choice of evils the elitist-faction-dominated sham allows. Through a combination of media repression, lies and fraudulent proceedings, they are deprived of honest representation. In two articles published this week I have begun an effort to think through the better alternative our country’s liberty desperately requires. Are you willing to consider it?